Due to a double booking at the Paragon the next Committee Meeting is moved to MONDAY 23 APRIL 2018, Labour Club, 20.00 Hours. Final invoices and entry forms for next season will be posted out prior to the meeting. Please be sure to bring completed forms and all outstanding monies to that meeting.


The Ladies Summer League starts on 3 April, so some of our matches will be rescheduled to 21.00 start. The first games affected are Boultons v Prince Of Wales and Woodworms v Top Flites on 11 April, and Internationals v Herdsmen and Ministry Men v Good Eight on 12 April. We will try to get a full list out soon, but if you turn up and the ladies are playing please be courteous towards them.

Details of Pairs and Singles Finals are now on the relevant pages. Divisions 1 and 2 averages updated to include all results received up to 17 March.

Change of alley: please note Scrag Ends have moved again and will now play at Horse & Groom, still on Tuesday nights.

The position of League Secretary is now vacant again. Anybody interested please contact Ian or Keith on the numbers below.

Note for Division 3 teams : Unfortunately Throbbin Hoods have withdrawn from the League as the Angel alley is not fit to play on. Matches against them will now be a bye.