Pairs Competition 2018


To be played Monday 21 May at Railway Inn.

K Dearman & M Whithey Social Marshians

A Sanders & M Roberts Social Marshians

D Plummer & R Mead Internationals

M Davies & A White Good 8

J Kingscott & V Macey Internationals

J & A Stephenson LC Nomads

T Bailey & D Pow Conz

M & P Trevor Boozy Blokes

  • All Players to Pay £1.00 each to cover Sticker Ups costs except Final
  • Rules for Pairs and Singles will apply
  • All matches to start at 8:15pm unless otherwise stated
  • PLEASE PHONE Terry Morgan on 01373 826031, 07732 864085 IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO PLAY
  • ALL RESULTS TO BE SENT TO SINGLES & PAIRS CUP SECRETARY, Mr Terry Morgan in accordance with Rule 19
  • Entries to be sent by 1 December annually to: Mr Terry Morgan, 1 The Tynings, Westbury BA13 3PZ or email:
  • Pairs & Singles Entries