Rules as at 26 June 2017

1. The League shall be called; WESTBURY TOWN MID-WEEK SKITTLES LEAGUE (WTMWSL), and shall be open to teams within a radius of 4 miles as the crow flies of Westbury Town Centre.

2. The objects of the League shall be to promote the interests of the game of skittles, to organise and carry out championship and competitive games between teams in membership with the League and to award trophies as may from time to time be determined.

3. The League shall consist of teams subscribing an entry fee, determined at the Annual General Meeting, to be paid by the first committee meeting date as shown in the fixture book. All other fees must be paid at the latest by 1st May each year and definitely before Cup Semi-Final week should that occur earlier. Such teams shall be entitled one representative to each Committee and Annual Meeting.

4. The maximum number of teams in any one division shall be 16. The last three teams in any division shall be relegated to the one below, and the first three teams in each division shall be promoted to a higher division above. The last three teams in the bottom division shall retire but be eligible for re-election. (No player in a team promoted to a higher division shall play in the division from which he was promoted during the following season).

5. The Officers of the League shall be President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and two Assistant Secretaries.

6. The affairs of the League shall be managed by a Committee of one representative from each team. The Officers shall be ex-officio members of all Committees, four, excluding Officers to form a quorum. Teams not represented at meetings (including the AGM) will be deducted two league points for each meeting missed. There will be no apologies accepted.

7. The Officers shall be elected at the Annual Meeting and shall hold office until the following Annual Meeting when they shall be eligible for re-election. The Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancies between Annual Meeting. In the event of an equality of votes, The Chairman at any meeting shall have a second or casting vote. A sub-committee shall be elected at the Annual Meeting comprising four members of the League, one from each division, plus the Officers to deal with special business.

8. The Annual Meeting shall be held not later than the last week in July each year. The Meeting shall be convened by the Secretary sending notice to the address of each Team Secretary at least seven days before the date of the Meeting.

9. Upon a requisition supported by three of the Committee, the Secretary shall within twenty one (21) days convene a Special Meeting of the League. The Committee shall have power to deal with any business at this Meeting which may in the opinion of two-thirds of those present be considered as expedient, without giving notice of another meeting.

10. All matches must be played on approved alleys, with balls and pins approved by the League. The Secretary must be notified of any changes to state of repair of pins or balls during the course of the season. The two Front Quarter Pins must be identified with a red band top and bottom, the Middle Pin with a 1'' white band around the centre of the pin and the Front Pin with a white band top and bottom.

11. Each team shall play one home and one away match with every other team in their division. Teams shall consist of eight (8) players of which two (2) may be ladies. Five (5) legs shall be played in each match. One (1) point shall be awarded for each leg and a further two (2) points for the aggregate. Teams with less than 8 players will be fined £2.00 for each player short with a maximum of £10.00.

12. All matches must start by 8.30 pm. Teams with not less than six (6) players may proceed with the game as soon after 8.30 pm as they wish, if the opposing side is not ready or is not even represented. In the latter event, a neutral umpire shall be secured if possible. Five (5) legs must be played and a score sheet completed at the time. Players arriving late will only be allowed to play in the leg in progress and remaining legs. He is disqualified from throwing previous legs completed before his arrival. All players shall not be less than sixteen (16) years old with the exception that one fourteen (14|) or fifteen (15) year old may play provided that a parent or adult guardian is also playing.

13. A player must deliver the ball within the playing area in a non-dangerous manner, i.e., within the side lines with his delivery foot or feet behind and not on the white lines. If a ball hits the cush after crossing the line it shall be deemed 'NO BALL' before the ball reaches the pins, and all pins struck down by such a ball shall be put up again and the ball 'LOST'. Pins on the alley shall be still in play, even if off the diamond, until they have either ceased to roll or struck an obstruction such as the cush. Pins standing anywhere inside the diamond shall still be in play. Any pins left standing outside the diamond shall count as down.

14. The home team Captain shall toss to decide which team starts the match, the Visiting Captain to toss to decide which team starts the final leg. The home team Captain shall mark the book and the Visiting Captain shall mark the board.

15. The width of the diamond shall be four (4) feet from front to back and side to side, this is to outside edge of pin spots. The delivery line shall be thirty-one (31) feet from the front pin spot, except that there shall be a minimum distance of twelve (12) feet from this line to the back of the alley.

16. All fixtures shall be made by the Secretary. Each player shall pay a levy, set by the League, to the League funds, the Secretary of each team to be responsible for payment. The score sheet must be signed by the Captain of each team.

17. A player shall be considered a member of the team he first plays for at the beginning of the season. No player may play for more than one team until he has been transferred and a fee, as determined by the Committee, shall be paid for each transfer, as long as there are no objections from the teams concerned. If the player has already played in a cup competition he cannot play in the same competition for the new team. No transfers will be permitted after 31 December in each season. No player shall be transferred from one team to another until any subscriptions or obligations he may owe to the first team have been settled.

18. If a team is unable to play a game on the original date; it is the responsibility of the two teams to rearrange the fixture, and inform the appropriate Division Secretary not less than forty-eight (48) hours before the due date. A date for the rearranged fixtures must be agreed between the two teams within fourteen (14) days of the original date of the match. If they are unable to agree on a rearranged date and have to involve the Secretary of that particular division, then the team that cancelled the game will be deducted two (2) League points and the Sub-Committee will set a date and an alley for the rearranged match. All matches must be played before Cup Final week. The Sub-Committee will rearrange all Bank Holiday games unless teams are happy to play on the original date. There will be no cancelled games during the last four (4) weeks of the Season. Semi-Finals and Finals weeks do not count as part of the League season.

19. Results of matches must be in the hands of the respective League Secretaries within three (3) working days. Failure to comply will result in a fine as decided by the Committee.

20. Days for Finals will be permanently fixed as follows:

a. Monday - Pairs and Singles Final

b. Wednesday - Nomination Cup Final

c. Friday - Knock Out Cup Final

21. Any protest or dispute shall be dealt with by the Committee or Sub-committee whose decision shall be final. A representative from the teams concerned shall be invited to attend the hearing. A fee, fixed at the Annual General Meeting, must be deposited with any protest and same may be forfeited or otherwise at the discretion of the Committee if the protest is not upheld.

22. Application by a new team for membership of the League shall be made at or before the Annual Meeting, when same shall be dealt with by the Committee. All teams once elected to the League shall be considered members until they either:

a. resign or retire under Rule 4

b. are ejected under Rule 24, or

c. have not paid their subscriptions, fines or any other payments due from them.

23. The Committee shall have the power to impose a minimum fine at the discretion of the Committee for breach of the Rules.

24. At the Annual Meeting the majority of the representatives of teams present shall have the power to exclude, for the following season , any team whose conduct has in their opinion been objectionable or detrimental to the workings of the League.

25. The team gaining the highest number of points in their division shall hold the particular trophy for one (1) year. In the event of a tie on points, there shall be a play-off arranged by the Committee. In the event of a further tie, extra leg or legs to be played until a decision is reached.

26. All teams must reapply to enter the League on the sheet provided, stating home night and the alley to be played on by the last meeting in April.

27. The above (League) rules can only be amended or rescinded at an Annual Meeting of the League and notice of such must be sent to the League Secretary in writing four (4) clear days before such meeting.

28. All matters arising not covered by these (League) rules shall be dealt with by the Committee as they think fit.


1. Entrance fees shall be set by the League.

2. Games shall be decided on total number of pins. In the event of a tie, an additional leg or legs shall be played until a decision is reached.

3. No layer may play for more than one (1) team in any season.

4. Neutral linesmen shall be appointed for Semi-Finals and Finals.

5. Semi-Finals and Finals shall be played on neutral alleys.

6. Alleys on which Semi-Finals and Final matches are played shall provide a sticker up.

7. No Cup matches shall be cancelled.

8. No practice throws shall be allowed on Finals night.

9. All other rules shall be as League.


Rules 1-9 as for Knock Out Cup.

10. A player must nominate the pin which he intends to strike with each ball he throws. Nomination to be made before each ball is thrown. Should a ball not hit the nominated pin but clear other pins on the frame, those pins to remain down for that leg but not to count and not to be put up again in case of a spare. Should a ball hit the nominated pin but not floor the same, those pins knocked down not to count and not to be put up again for that leg.


1. Pairs Competition to be played on a front pin first basis.

2. Singles Competition to be played on a front pin first basis.

3. In front pin, if a ball strikes first and floors any other pin apart from the front and consequently the front pin is floored by that ball or a pin, any other ball or balls remaining in that leg are void.

4. Entry fees for both Competitions shall be set by the League and fines for failure to turn up without reasonable excuse will be imposed by the League.

5. Any Player who fails to turn up within fifteen (15) minutes of the due time shall be eliminated by the League Official on duty.

6. Stickers up must be provided by the alleys concerned and players shall pay £1.00 to Stickers up for each game.

7. Any player unable to compete in the first round may nominate another player from his team to substitute. The substitute must, however, continue to play in further rounds. No player will be allowed to swap alleys in the same night.

8. Any player not advanced in any round may not play in any further rounds.


Back Pin
Back Left Quarter Back Right Quarter
Outside Left Centre Pin Outside Right
Front Left Quarter Front Right Quarter
Front Pin